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Cloudbreak scalping screening plant

Cloudbreak scalping screening plant

Cloudbreak Minesite
Fortescue Metals Group
Engineering & Procurement

Process 26 was engaged by Fortescue to assist in the delivery of additional processing capacity during the start-up phase of its Cloudbreak operation. Specifically latent processing capacity in its main processing facility was to be released by processing surface mined material in an external facility.

Fortescue had commenced procurement and fabrication of the feeder hopper and the vibrating screen. Using these as a basis, Process 26 completed the layout drawings, and then completed the detailed design of all civil, structural, mechanical and electrical components.

All fabrication and procurement was performed by Process 26. Supply items included:

1.    4 ea conveyors
2.    1 ea 32 metre radial stacker
3.    2 sample stations
4.    1 ea Motor Control Centre
Factory acceptance testing of the motor control centre and the PLC was performed offsite.

Construction of the plant was performed by existing contractors on site with support from Process 26’s management team.

After successful commissioning, design was completed for the addition of a secondary crushing circuit.